Excellent live training on Zoom

As a zoom facilitator, I like to upgrade my knowledge base occasionally to see what new updates are available. Watching an excellent live webinar for further training in zoom, I felt like I should post a link for others to get further training on this amazing platform: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360029527911-Live-training-webinars

Drawing Holy Space Cats page 1

After working on Holy Space Cats last year for Christmas, I sort of said it aside to go back to work on my graphic novel for the past few months. With Covid isolation, a routine drawing schedule has not been easy to come by. However, when our pastor Garth Gilliam asked us to participate in an art exhibit for Advent, I prayed and immediately thought of going back and revisiting Holy Space Cats. However, when I looked at it, it seemed like it needed some backstory to set up the premise. So I went back and added a new page 1 and page 2 in order to give a little bit more information about the location and the date, also introduce the characters a little bit more clearly. Next will come the inking phase!

Upcoming Chibi Superheroes Class

In my upcoming Chibi Superheroes class, I will teach you how to draw Anime/Manga style Chibi Superhero characters! This is a simple, lighthearted and educational class with clearly defined principles and easy to follow steps. I present tips, hints, and specialized techniques with enthusiasm and genuine love for drawing and teaching. Check back soon!

Rush Hamden’s Chibi Superheroes class

Latest Skillshare class is now LIVE!

In my latest class on my Skillshare page I teach a course in how to draw Anime/Manga style teenage female characters! This is a simple, lighthearted and educational class with clearly defined principles and easy to follow steps. I present tips, hints, and specialized techniques with enthusiasm and genuine love for drawing and teaching.

Rush Hamden’s class on How to draw Anime and Manga female characters

So you want to draw Anime and Manga female characters? With ink and color as well? You’ve come to the right place!

Did you have a dream or vision of creating a specific Anime/Manga female character, but your drawings aren’t looking like what you intended? I will share with you very specific, repeatable measurements that will help you create multiple characters with small but profound differences in appearance.

This class is a follow-up to: Learn how to draw Anime/Manga style boy and girl faces with Rush Hamden It’s recommended but not necessary that students take that introductory class or have some basic familiarity with drawing. It’s perfect for beginning students seeking a challenge as well as intermediate ones!

It’s a fun and easygoing project that is doable on a very small budget! A pencil, a ruler, a marker, and some watercolors; simple tools creating beautiful images.  You will create two Anime/Manga female characters. In an upcoming class, Rush will also share how to create Anime/Manga style Chibi Superhero characters. Stay tuned!

Why do I teach?

I would have to say that the love of teaching has been built into me by great teachers in my life. As soon as I learn something, I feel like, “Oh wow I can’t believe I learned how to do that! I can’t wait to teach someone how to do it!” And as the information flows into me, it’s great to act as a conduit and share it with others, because it feels absolutely amazingly thrilling! It’s just fun and and exciting to share information and see the results of teaching others, especially when they post their work based on my teaching. I got hooked when I started teaching art to kids, and they’re like “Mr. Hamden now I know how to draw a sphere!”

Creating a Consistent Brand

For my Manga drawing series on the Skillshare Site, I quickly recognized the importance of branding and maintaining a consistent cover image theme. This happened when I noticed that top teachers have very unique cover styles that quickly set them apart from others. Even the little thumbnail image that students see is instantly recognizable as a teacher’s own. So I set out for hours to design the look of my cover image, mainly through the use of font style and color. I also realized that as I add classes I may want to change the theme. If I do, I would want to change it across the board so that all the video covers look similar. Here is a sample of mine: skl.sh/3auN3Yd

The Eraser is an artist’s best friend

I have discovered as an artist, that one of my best friends is the eraser! 🙏😇

I simply cannot be afraid to erase something and draw it all over again if it doesn’t look right. 🤓 The foreshortening on this arm didn’t look right…

so I redrew it, and the second pass looked a lot better.