Rush Hamden has created several brands. Here are a few. Please use the pulldown menu to select that brand’s page.

Holy Space Cats: Holy Space Cats is a new project by published author and illustrator Rush Hamden. It’s an action-adventure kids’ graphic novel about a brave momma cat and her amazing litter of misfits who dangerously chronicle historical events.

Skillshare Classes: Rush has created several unique classes on the Skillshare platform, teaching principles of creating Manga Anime characters.

Sprint The Cat: The often misunderstood Sprint, a sweet black cat who just can’t seem to get his human caretaker to understand what he wants. 

Digital Cinema Training: The most revolutionary training course you will ever own. Over 45 hours of filmmaking savvy, wisdom, examples, demonstrations, tips and tricks, presented by people who work in Hollywood day in, day out. Learn Scriptwriting, Formatting, Editing, Camera Operation, Lighting, Exposure, Audio, and Directing, all focused on Digital Movies. 

Media City Trainers: Media City Trainers help organizations stream their meetings.

Rush Hamden Art: Rush Hamden Art creates training media to teach art, as well as sell completed artwork.


Published by Rush Hamden

Rush Hamden is a graphic novel author, children's book illustrator and art teacher living in Burbank, California.

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