Enjoying another cool weather day!

I noticed I am just more productive on days when it’s cooler. It’s just easier to draw and stay motivated, and I love this weather, such a nice contrast from the hot summer that we had.


Details details!

When inking a panel, I sometimes have to take a lot of time to put in the correct amount of detail. For instance, this panel took nearly 45 minutes to ink, and add all the detail work. But in the end, I think it’s worth it! When someone reads the graphic novel, I think they really will appreciate the effort that went into every page, and it has a effect of washing over the reader with A deeper immersion into the subject matter.

The Sakura Pigma Micron 08 Marker – PERFECT!

You know, artists can be pretty odd about their tools. I guess just like any person working with their hands, the right tool for the job can mean the difference between a successful day or a tiresome day. I have recently rediscovered this amazing Marker, the Sakura Pigma micron 08. Sakura makes an amazing lineup of art markers, but none are as perfect for my hands and this particular graphic novel as this marker. It lays down the perfect lines, the perfect thickness, and it has that quality of traditional dip ink without the hassle of dipping every few seconds. I love it! It’s also perfect for stippling. The lines are gorgeous.You lift up your hand, and it gives you a nice thin edge, you press down just a little bit, and it gives you about as broad as a line as you would want for an outline on 9 x 12 paper. It’s amazing.It’s also perfect for stippling.

At the 20% mark of our 250-page graphic novel! Covid set us back but the Almighty put us back on track! 🙏😇

Excellent live training on Zoom

As a zoom facilitator, I like to upgrade my knowledge base occasionally to see what new updates are available. Watching an excellent live webinar for further training in zoom, I felt like I should post a link for others to get further training on this amazing platform: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360029527911-Live-training-webinars

Drawing Holy Space Cats page 1

After working on Holy Space Cats last year for Christmas, I sort of said it aside to go back to work on my graphic novel for the past few months. With Covid isolation, a routine drawing schedule has not been easy to come by. However, when our pastor Garth Gilliam asked us to participate in an art exhibit for Advent, I prayed and immediately thought of going back and revisiting Holy Space Cats. However, when I looked at it, it seemed like it needed some backstory to set up the premise. So I went back and added a new page 1 and page 2 in order to give a little bit more information about the location and the date, also introduce the characters a little bit more clearly. Next will come the inking phase!

Creating Anime/Manga Female Characters

In my latest class on the Skillshare site I teach a course in how to draw Anime/Manga style teenage female characters! This is a simple, lighthearted and educational class with clearly defined principles and easy to follow steps. Check it out!

Upcoming Chibi Superheroes Class

In my upcoming Chibi Superheroes class, I will teach you how to draw Anime/Manga style Chibi Superhero characters! This is a simple, lighthearted and educational class with clearly defined principles and easy to follow steps. I present tips, hints, and specialized techniques with enthusiasm and genuine love for drawing and teaching. Check back soon!

Rush Hamden’s Chibi Superheroes class
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