Sprint the CAT on Amazon!

The sweet little black cat is now available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle eBook formats.

Now available! “Sprint The CAT: What’s For Breakfast (Sprint The CAT Book 1)” is the first in a Children’s Book Series which stars the often misunderstood Sprint, a sweet black cat who just can’t seem to get his human caretaker to understand what he wants. A heartwarming, fun picture book series for kids aged 3-8 and older, to entertain them as well as start them out on healthy eating habits. Order Sprint The CAT: “What’s For Breakfast” (Sprint the CAT #1) through Amazon HERE

The first in the Sprint The CAT ยฎ book series, Sprint tries again and again to explain what he wants for breakfast, but meets with little success. The book aims to introduce children ages 3-8 to the many options available to them for food in an entertaining, colorful way.
Sprint is based on Rush’s beloved cat in real life. His name is Spike. Spike was named by Rush’s then 7-year-old son, when the family adopted Spike at the Burbank Animal Shelter. Spike was 2 months old at the time.

Rush worked on “What’s For Breakfast” for about a year. He pencilled (drew with pencils), inked (added markers) and colored it.

Sprint The CAT: “The Everything Cat” (Sprint The CAT #2)

To be released January, 2021.

Sprint defends his home from numerous pesky intruders in the second book from Rush Hamden, author and illustrator of the Sprint The CAT ยฎ series.