Rush is an illustrator, graphic novel artist specializing in American Comic & Anime/Manga, children’s book author, writer. Rush is also an art teacher, teaching for years in the Southern California school system, as well as on the Skillshare platform. Rush is a published children’s book author, please click here for his Amazon author page. He has taught (and continues to teach) hundreds of students how to: draw using shapes; add ink; color using watercolors; use perspective; and sculpt fun characters!

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Rush creates graphic novels from his home studio. He’s a devoted husband and work-from-home dad.

In the fall of 2020, Rush published his first and long awaited children’s book: “Sprint the Cat – Book 1: What’s For Breakfast?” This has been a labor of love for over a year. It was hand drawn and inked, inspired by the Hamden family’s adoption of a cute, sweet kitten named Spike from the local Burbank Animal Shelter.

The book is based on a silly conversation that Rush had with Spike, the family cat, one morning. From that simple interchange, a 45-page children’s book was born.

Christmas of 2020, Rush was tasked by his church to create an art project to showcase at the Christmas Eve service. He prayed and came up with “Holy Space Cats meet the Light of the World!” This is now a graphic novel work in progress for Rush. More info at: