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Media City Trainers are your partners for success

Want to take your online or hybrid educational, house of worship, or corporate experience to the next level, without spending next-level prices?

Let us be your curators for success!

You’ve visited houses of worship where the experience was seamless, from web-based attendance registration, videos that play for the in-house attendees as well as the home-based members, interactive chat features where worship leaders read remote prayer requests, and online mobile-based donations. You’ve also found out that the bill for all these features is usually up in the tens of thousands. A typical streaming solution integrated into the house of worship runs about $35,000!

How would you like a similar setup for a fraction of the cost?

What if you found out that you can use consumer electronics to create a similar experience for your members? That ought to put a smile on anyone’s face!

Media City Trainers are here to show you how to get the big show look for much, much less.

Our trainers will come into your house of worship and show you just how to do that using your own computers, mobile devices, and existing sound system.

Consumer Video Conferencing Systems can be very affordable.

If you need an upgrade, our trainers will help you shop for the correct system, on average costing 90% less than professional systems, and with a much shallower learning curve.

Are you ready to take your house of worship into the new hybrid experience?

Are you ready to reach the people who are most in need of your message of hope, and recoup that lost revenue from missed worship services? Get in touch with our team, and fire up your services!

Learn About Our Services

What will our team of trainers help you accomplish? Let’s find out.

Here’s a typical schedule:

  • Upon arrival at your location for a training session, our team will start filming the training session, then upload the video to the cloud for your team to be able to watch at a later date. That takes all the pressure off you! You don’t have to remember every little item, because you can watch it later and refresh what you learned.
  • The team will bring supplies: blank name badges, handbooks, checklists, snacks and lunch for up to 5 students. For example, the Pastor, worship leader, trustee, staff tech or IT person, and the secretary. If you would like to train more than 5 people, please contact our office.
  • Training: They will train you and your staff on your own modern, late model laptop or mobile device, as long as it can run the latest ZoomTM software. If you don’t have that, the team will demonstrate on a training computer and mobile device for the duration of the session. The team will then train your staff how to:
    • Download and install a web-based meeting platform like ZoomTM.
    • Host a meeting, manage participants, enable/disable chat, upgrade participants to co-host. 
    • Obtain and send out invitations, with web links for members to easily click on.
    • Embed the link in a website, mailing list, email, and pdf.
    • Go live by using a streaming service to connect your web-based meeting service to YouTubeTM and FacebookTM.
    • Make a computer work with an external mixer, allowing it to connect with your existing sound system, and blending the experience for the members at home and in-person.
    • Run a powerpoint presentation on a separate computer or mobile device, and make it visible to both your in-person and home-based attendees.
  • Q&A: After that they will have a Q&A and one-on-one training.
  • Configuration: The team will help you configure your own equipment, if available.
  • Shopping: Trainers instruct the attendees on what devices to purchase in order to make the service more audible, enjoyable, and clearer for the audience at home.
  • Hands-on: Attendees get hands-on experience with their own laptops and devices or the trainers laptop and devices. 
  • Lunch: The team will break for lunch. They will provide a box lunch for up to 5 attendees.
  • Dry run: Attendees get first-hand experience with running a complete show from start to finish, starting zoom, managing participants, muting and unmuting participants, starting and stopping video, starting a live stream, managing attached devices, external camera and microphone, managing tablets and mobile phone as participants, answering chat questions, creating a poll, answering Q&A questions, assigning someone to manage FacebookTM, assigning another person to manage YouTubeTM chat, then ending the session after a virtual time of meeting. Downloading a copy of the live service from Facebook using WondershareTM Uniconverter, or downloading a copy from YouTubeTM directly. Forwarding a copy of the zoom chat to the Pastor and archiving it.
  • Sales: Trainers will be available to sell microphones, digital devices, cables, or laptops to the attendees in order to get them ready for their service. They can also create a quote for a complete turnaround system for pennies on the dollar compared to high-powered professional systems. Our systems usually coast 90% less, and are attainable by even a moderate congregation.



4 Hours of Training / 5 Students
Includes name badges, handbooks, checklists, snacks and lunch


4 Hours of Training / 5 Students / Turnkey System
Basic plus configured laptop, webcam and mobile streaming device


8 Hours of Training / 10 Students
Advanced plus second configured slide/media laptop, second HD webcam, second mobile streaming device for choir, and USB mixer

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To book an appointment, call us (818) 468–6375 or use the form below.

Media City Trainers

Video conferencing solutions for your business, educational institution, or house of worship.

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